Concept and Open Ressources

 Future Ethnic Lab is based on two key words : "transfer and mutation". it s transfering the ancestral ethnic sources and traditional knowledges in our time and technolgic evolution.
" It is a step to confront art, technology and  ethnic musical heritage."


Ethnocomputing is the study of the interactions between computing and culture. It is carried out through theoretical analysis, empirical investigation, and design implementation. It includes research on the impact of computing on society, as well as the reverse: how cultural, historical, personal, and societal origins and surroundings cause and affect the innovation, development, diffusion, maintenance, and appropriation of computational artifacts or ideas. From the ethnocomputing perspective, no computational technology is culturally "neutral," and no cultural practice is a computational void. Instead of considering culture to be a hindrance for software engineering, culture should be seen as a resource for innovation and design.

Robot voice new Thematic end 2014/15 project

New Thematic Album part 004

"Speech synthesis" (non permanent title)
Robotic voices in music may also be produced by speech synthesis. This does not usually create a "singing" effect (although it can). Speech synthesis means that, unlike in vocoding, no human speech is employed as basis. One example of such use is the song Das Boot by U96. A more tongue-in-cheek musical use of speech synthesis is MC Hawking. Most notably, Kraftwerk, who had previously used the vocoder extensively in their 1970s recordings, began opting for speech synthesis software in place of vocoders starting with 1981's Computer World album; on newer recordings and in the reworked versions of older songs that appear on The Mix and the band's current live show, the previously vocoder-processed vocals have been almost completely replaced by software-synthesized "singing". Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the Yamaha Corporation that is designed to synthesize singing by entering lyrics and melody.

A new call for selected composers who interested to participate will be launch end of 2010

FUTURE ETHNIC LAB New Project 2014/15

Future Ethnic LAB part 003 

HOMOTIC / Japanese musical instruments and domotic sound explorations :

Japanese traditional intruments :

Shamisen, Koto, Biwa, Shakuhachi.

Domotic Audio :

This category includes audio switching and distribution. Audio switching determines the selection of an audio source. Audio distribution allows an audio source to be heard in one or more rooms. This feature is often referred to as 'multi-zone' audio.

Home automation (also called domotics) is a field within building automation, specializing in the specific automation requirements of private homes and in the application of automation techniques for the comfort and security of its residents. Although many techniques used in building automation (such as light and climate control, control of doors and window shutters, security and surveillance systems, etc.) are also used in home automation, additional functions in home automation can include the control of multi-media home entertainment systems, automatic plant watering and pet feeding, automatic scenes for dinners and parties, and a more user-friendly control interface.

                          La recette aux anges : Lyn Nekorimate

GAME ALONE SYNTHESIS / Software Gamelan Data Based / part 002

new compilation based on Gamelan mecanique software made by servovalve for la cite de la musique / subject gamelan ochestra 

Album produced by Sigmoon, 2008
- masterized by Mimetic


One Man Nation / IndustrialPlatesAndBowls
Wild Shores / Matangi
Alien Vegan Sect / Pesta Krupuk Vegandi Tengah Malam recorded by C-drik
Mimetic Fake / My Gamelan
Kenji Siratori (sigmoon remix) / Game Over
Xabec / The Silent Sunday
Sci Fi Industries / Ancient Earth Spinning Sound
Samuel Jeronimo / Mediatriz
Tsé / Only you - Jamais Lent
Sigmoon / Oxydan 2.5 mgr
Guillaume Gargaud / Nomad
Mathias Delplanque / Gamelan ghost parade
Lyn Nekorimate / eau si chair

"infinite lullaby" - a WILD SHORES optophonic installation

Underconstruction !

Riyaz Master Project trailer

CLIP ART VIDEO 45 min Relased by Umabeecroft  

"RIYAZ MASTER PROJECT" is an experimental non narrative road movie filmed in India by Umabeecroft + original electronic music composed by Sigmoon with some low tech indian electronic musical machines & cinematic sounds +spoken words by Kenji Siratori (japanese cyberpunk writer). This video approaches an abstract and futuristic vision of the complex matrix called indian nation. Our former research around the old industrial landscapes and the fertile and dirty environments along the Ganga river led us to imagine the possibilities of the development of a future India, inspired by the local cultural, economic and spiritual context that we discovered on our voyage ...

 RIYAZ MASTER PROJECT Screnning venues :

Lille (fr)        Festival au Tripostal 2006. 
Paris              l OPA  le 21 Decembre 2006 
Barcelona      Sincronia Festival à la galerie Niu le 30 Mars 2007. 
Malaga          Cincoechegaray Espagne 2007 
Lisboa           Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa 2007. 
Istanbul         Galata Perform, SPEKTROPEN FEST 2007 
Berlin            srcenning at Lazy Sunday, Die Remise 2007 
Hamburg      + Sigmoon electronic LIVE, Hörbar 2007 
Barcelona     Barcelona Visual Sound festival 2007 
Bangkok       Bangkok Experimental Film Festival BEFF5 2008 
Bangkok       Naresuan University, Phitsanulok  2008 
France          Heure Exquise!, Lille 2008 
Italy              Cyborg Film Festival, Anghiari 2008 
Barcelona     Fascurt Short Films Festival, Masnou 2008 
China            International New Image Art Festival 2008 
Nedherland   Streaming Festival 2008 
Spain            Magatzems Wall & Video, Valencia 2008 
Spain            OPTICA, International Video Festival, Gijón 2008 
Roumany     International Exp Film Fest Carbunari, Florean Museum 
Spain            Neu Epoch Vision 08. Feria de Arte Independiente, Madrid 2008
Spain            Art Tech Media, Córdoba 2008 
India             CeC  Delhi 2008 

Riyaz Master Project extended soundtrack 

- 53 min soundtrack composed by Sigmoon
featuring : Uma Mantra (Pondichery)
Manosh Bardhan : Tabla and Director of ASHTA recording Studio (Pondichery)
and the special colaboration for the spoken words of Kenji Siratori, japanese cyberpunk writer.


1  - Intro
2  - Matrimandir
3  - Aghora
4  - Gate IOI
5  - Barca
6  - Human X
7  - Buffles Ganga
8  - Ganga
9  - Durga
10- Pooja
11-  Kotoscape
12- Walls
13- Aghora I
14- The road ...
Note: influenced by Indian and asiatic mix with cinemtatic sound: ìit s a Manga Sonic album.

RIyaz Master Part 001

 RIYAZ MASTER machine readable data made in India / part 001
based on musical electronic machines made in India. First Future Ethnic Comparative Research album released in partnership with Thisco label (Portugal).

Album produced by Sigmoon, 2006
masterized by C-drik.
Featuring :

Negative Stencil vs. Sylvatica / Num Num
Servovalve / Largagroove
Supermatik / Somehow
Sigmoon / Gate 101
Wild Shores / Ring paradox
Mimetic & Data Senses / Shaping
C-drik / L´hiver
Negative Stencil vs. Safatly / Lita
Emgine / Une tasse de café?
Dr.Dilip & Rico Bass / Systhem
DEF / k.a.r.m
TNO / Eyeless in Taksim
Black Sifichi / The Next Room